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Membership Information
Club Uniform
General Conduct

Membership Information

Membership fees are due on 1st June yearly.
2019/20 Membership Information

Senior Rider $75
Junior Riding Member
(u.16 yrs)
Non Riding Member (Social) $10
Family Membership
(Immediate Family Only)
Day Membership (per day)  $15
 Membership application form

$15 must be paid to cover insurance at your first rally. The remainder to be paid within two months.   Your membership card will be issued once you’ve paid in full.

Membership forms must be completed and returned as soon a possible.

Day membership is available at a cost of $15 per day. If you choose to become a member, these fees will be deducted from your membership fees for the corresponding financial year.

Email us for further details: email

Murray Bridge Riding Club Uniform

Compulsory Formal Uniform: white shirt, black tie, bone jodhpurs or moleskins,  red V neck jumper, black saddle cloth, white or black helmet, brown or black boots.

Non Compulsory Informal Uniform
: red polo shirt, bone or black jodhpurs, red windcheater, black saddle cloth, white or black helmet, brown or black boots.

Members are required to dress appropriately at all times, consistent with decency and good taste. Members are reminded of the physical requirements of the sport and are encouraged to bear this in mind when preparing for a club event.

General Conduct

  1. Horses/ponies must be under control of a capable person at all times.
  2. If an accident occurs, a committee member must be notified immediately.
  3. Protective footwear must be worn at all times whilst handling horses.
  4. Safety approved protective headgear & suitable footwear must be worn at all times whilst riding.
  5. Any horse/pony that bites must wear a red ribbon in the forelock.  Any horse/pony that kicks must wear a red ribbon in the tail.
  6. All gear is to be properly fitted, safe, and in a good state of repair.
  7. All juniors are to be accompanied by a parent or have a nominated guardian for the day.
  8. The instructor is in charge of the group. No interference from outside parties is to occur.
  9. Unruly behaviour by any rider or horse may result in their removal from the group.
  10. No smoking whilst mounted or in the canteen area.
  11. Any person wishing to use the Murray Bridge Riding Club facilities outside official rally days does so at their own risk. A committee member MUST be notified prior to the use.
  12. All communication & issues go through the Risk Management Officer.
**Please be considerate and leave dogs at home**


We run a BBQ at each rally and competition, with a variety of food, snacks & drinks. Support of our canteen is a vital part of the income of our club, keeping the membership fees down and contributing to the payment of our instructors.

Child Friendly

Inside we have an area especially for the smaller children with a play pen and toys. Outside we have a sandpit.

**Please do not leave your children unattended in the club rooms or outside area.